Capturing and understanding innovation is a necessary component in an effective intellectual property process.  Obtaining patents on the most significant technologies and methods is an art.  Knowing the type of protection to be sought on what innovations, information and business plans is a less understood art.  That is were the experience at Patents and Licensing LLC will help you.

We have the experience to identify and articulate your most valuable inventions through a thoughtful understanding of your competitive landscape, your business objectives and a careful review of prior inventions.  With more than thirty-five years of experience, we know how to claim your inventions well and have them allowed by the Patent Office before they stand the tests of licensing or enforcement.  We also have the computer tool capabilities to both electronically file and track patent assets. 

We can also work side by side with you to build improved portfolio management processes and to catalog, not just your innovations, but also those of other companies, in order to achieve your strategic patent and licensing objectives.