Helping clients benefit from their Intellectual Property is the end goal at Patents and Licensing LLC.  Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights are sought for many reasons.  We want to be sure you are well situated to define and accomplish your objectives.

We will assist in responding to infringements whether you are the accuser or the accused.  Having Intellectual Property of your own is one way to be prepared for infringement accusations.  It is not the only way to defend, however, as we have prepared infringement defenses many times before without.

Your Intellectual Property portfolio can be leveraged for monetary return in a number of ways, some traditional income generating and others more closely tied to the asset value of your organization.

Your Intellectual Property portfolio can be used to defend your markets and your products from competition and assure access to industry standards.  In the current transition to the knowledge era from the industrial era, your intellectual assets will be your most valuable assets.  We have a record and the experience to help you achieve your objectives.